n. 1.()() 2.()[] 3. a street [curbstone] broker

adj. 1. 2. 3. 4. the prime agent feel prime of prime importance adv. n. 1. 2. 3. (of) 4. 5.()65653535 6. 7.() 8.() 9. in prime of greasein pride of grease pride . in the prime of life the prime of the moon the prime of the year the prime of youth 1228 adv. -ly n. -ness prime2 vt. 1.() 2.[] 3.() (with) 4. 5.()() 6. 7.() fully primed with the latest news prime the pump () vi. 1.()()() 2.() 3. 4. 5.

He could have mentioned the conflicts of interest that

The bear funds had borrowed to enhance returns , and in doing so had to post collateral with lenders , known as

Many regulators have decided they can keep in touch with hedge funds by monitoring the activities of the

Highly leveraged , computer – driven quant funds are having to liquidate shares , bonds and anything else they can sell in order to meet margin calls from their

Roughly speaking , the americans and british believe they can do it through dialogue and vigilance , leaving it to the arms of the regulated investment banks that service hedge funds ? known as

A study published by the basel – based financial stability forum ( fsf ) on may 19th outlined the weaknesses in the relationship between hedge funds and

, such as the loosening of the covenants that enable banks to change lending terms to borrowers that run into trouble

( fsf )

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