– Available from early morning through to evenings & selected times at weekends

– 1 to 1 training – just you, your instructor and the training vehicle

-RTITB & DVSA Accreditations-Qualified Instructors & Quality Training


Medical, provisional HGV LGV PCV licence and Study Material for your Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception Theory Tests. For prices and detailsRead more…

Arrange Bus/Coach Evaluation Lesson and DVSA theory tests. For prices and detailsRead more…

Choice of Driver Training Courses followed by DVSA Driving Test. For prices and detailsRead more…

DVSA Driver CPC Theory Case Study Test and Driver CPC Practical Lesson and DVSA DCPC Test. For prices and detailsRead more…

After passing your test with our AUTOMATIC gear box single deck training vehiclesyou will belicenced todrive all types of buses and coacheswith any type of gear box, any number of seats and with any type of body including double deckers.

There are plenty of opportunities for work as a bus or coach driver.

For example, all Londons Red Buses and all of National Express Coaches are automatics.

If you need more help, just call us during office hours – 020 8453 3440

WALLACE delivers training Step By Step. If you need to get Provisional PCV entitlement and start to study for your Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception theory test our QUICK START PACKAGE is ideal for you. Our Quick Start Package is available almost every Saturday and some weekdays and we usually only require 3 to 5 days notice.

If you have already passed your PCV Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception theory tests then we can arrange your Driver Training and Driving Test straight away. Generally, as the Driving Tests are usually booking around 2 to 3 weeks ahead then thats the sort of notice we ask for. But if you need to start at short notice let us know and well see what we can do. And dont forget, once youve made your booking, you can always complete your Driver CPC while you are waiting to start (because youll need to have your Driver Qualification Card (DQC) in your hand to be a working driver.

Reason to Ask:Reason to Ask:Some providers ask you to pay for the whole course and CPC upfront, even before your provisional licence has arrived!

With Wallace, by taking each stage Step by Step you can go as fast or as slow are you wish (and as your finances allow). And if youve done some of the steps yourself already, thats great! With WALLACE you only pay for what you need.

Our estimated start date for driver training is usually between 2 – 4 weeks ahead, subject to availability, after you have let us know youve passed your Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception theory tests.

Over the phone you may be told you can expect to get a certain amount of training hours but how can you be sure your timewillbe spent actually driving, not wasting time with several tea breaks, lunch breaks etc. Howeverweconfirm the training hours you have booked in writing. You wont find any small print hidden on our website about vaguetraining days.

We are happy to state, in writing, all the stages (and the costs) to get your licence as well as providing detailed information about the content of your training course booking. Youll know what youve booked and thats what we will provide.

You can visit our school, meet our staff and instructors and try our training vehicles.

A one-size fits all 5 day course does not suit everyone. We have supplied guidance next to the course details. Self-Select the appropriate course for your needs. But if you are still unsure arrange an Evaluation Lesson.

When you leave a 300 deposit and book your course you will also receiveFREEDriver CPC Learning Material.

We are certain that with proper and correct tuition you can be sure to reach test standard and pass your test without additional expense a re-test protection package.

And we certainly wont ask you to pay up-front, in advance, for an extra test that you probably wont need.

However, if required to re-sit a driving test, please seeStep Threefor the cost of a 2 hour warm-up session and use of vehicle for test plus DVSA fee.

You need to look at the small print. It may beonly a guaranteed opportunity to take more than one test, not a guarantee of their ability to teach you fully and properly, or a guarantee of your ability to drive and pass the driving test.

When you make a booking with us, you will save time and money, receive quality training and reliable booking service.We have our own instructors and vehicles and provide accredited and approved training and only provide training for clients who book with us directly.

Nationally advertised training agencies cant help you in the same way as they do not have their own training vehicles and simply sell your bookingto the cheapest, unqualified and unregulated providers that they can (and they may not be anywhere near you either!)

By providing you with cheap training they keep more of your fees. They have no interest in providing quality training once they have received your money. A faceless salesman over the phone can promise the earth but doesnt have to deliver – especially when (their small print) says you cant get you money back after 7 days of booking!

You can only establish you are talking to a genuine school by visiting them and taking a look at their training vehicles (may be on an assessment lesson).

Wallace School of Transport is an independent school, we are not brokers/agents.

Remember you should always make sure you know who you are dealing with. You can only establish you are talking to a genuine school by visiting them and seeing their training vehicles (dont be fooled by sample photos on internet sites). Take your time. Dont be rushed into making a decision and buying over the phone. Good companies with genuine deals will still be there tomorrow.

Remember Wallace School of Transport has been established for over 50 years.

You are welcome to visit our office to pay personally or pay over the phone either by Credit or Debit Card, or cash. We can also accept BACS payments.

Our office is easy to reach by public transport and we have free local parking.

After booking you will receive joining instructions with clear directions of where to meet our instructors and vehicles that arenear main arterial roads, with free parking and most are close to public transport connections.Click here to find your nearest Wallace instructor and vehicle.

Specially selected for learners, our vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced at approved services centres. Our Vehicle Renewal Policy ensures our whole fleet meets the high standard expected of one of the only handful of DVSA accredited schools in the country.

Youlearn everything you needto passas we adopt a systematic approach to training. All the subjects and information you needis covered.Your lessons are delivered in logical progression, without unnecessary duplications and time wasting. Your lessonstime, duration and contentare recorded on your Progress Report and you will be invited to sign for each lesson to ensure your complete satisfaction. Non-qualified instructors may not deliver structured training and could miss something that could result in failure.

We are an RTITB and DVSA accredited training centre. All our instructors are qualified. Our School, vehicles and facilities are inspected annually to ensure we continue to provide high quality training.

Individual training, just you and your instructor in the training vehicle, allows you to develop your skills at the most effective rate and you are able to make the best use of your available time. Shared training can be less effective if you are held back by a basic driver.

We have a special arrangement with DVSA and we are allowed to pre-book driving tests. We arrange your driving test to follow on immediately at the conclusion of the training.

B = vehicle which has eight or less seats and weighs less than 3.5 tonnes

B+E = as above, but with a trailer that has a MAM (Maximum Allowed Mass) weight of more than 750kg

C1 = vehicle that weighs between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes

CE = vehicle with trailer combination up to 44 tonnes

Yes, we are both involved in the day to day operation of the school. We are proud our name is on our vehicles. We look forward to meeting you at our Park Royal Office

Obtain your Bus and Coach Licence to drive all types of PCV

Easy to use controls which help you pass your PCV test quickly

RTITB and DSA accredited school with qualified, friendly instructors

Wallace has an excellent Bus and Coach Licence Pass Rate

FromApril 2014 the law changedDrivers with a Manual Car Licence canpass a driving testin a bus with Automatic gear box andgeta Manual Gear Box Licence to driver buses and coaches.

We have a range of courses from depending on your existing licence, driving skill as rate of ability to learn. Check the guidelines under each course and select the course best for you. Or book a Review / Evaluation Lesson so instructor can advise you. Overall, including the time that DVLA & DVSA take to issue appointments and returnyour licence, for car drivers to be readyto work as a paid bus and Coach Driver,it will take at least 13 weeks from start to finish.

Click on Prices under the licence you want to find details of our charges

Yes, we sort out all the paperwork for you (including your medical) and can usually start the first of the 4 Easy Steps within4 -6 days.

We havean excellent pass rate, as our instructors are RTITB & DVSA approved, our training vehicles are easy to drive and we have all the training facilities, like our own reversing practice areas.Butto reassure you, if you make a mistake on the day of your test we also provide PASS PROTECTION.

No need to buy in advance or pay upfront – See ourStep Threefor costs of 2 hours warm-up session and use of Wallace vehicle for test and DVSA test.

Yes, we have partnered withPay4Laterand the government backedProfessional Career Development Loans

Yes, as soon as you have your licence, driver qualification card and digital tacho (smart card) we can help you through our own employment agency called Drivers on Demand.

We can start quickly by arranging a medical for you, usually in around4 -6 days, so you can obtain your Provisional PCV Licence as soon as possible. Then as soon as youve passed your Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception theory tests we can arrange your drivertraining dates.

We have no waiting for tests. We arrange your training course and driving test to follow onimmediately. We have a Trainer Booking Facility with DVSA and also two ofour own DVSA approved test centres so there is noneed to wait to PASS.

Visit- Monday to Friday 9am-6pm or Saturday 10am-2pm

LGV C1 Large Van/Lorry/Truck up to 7.5 tonnes

LGV C1+E Lorry/Truck up to 7.5 tonnes and Trailer

LGV C Lorry/Truck up to 32 tonnes (formerly HGV Class 2)

LGV C+E Lorry/Truck and Trailer up to 44 tonnes (formerly HGV Class 1)

DRIVER CPC (Modules 2 & 4) Initial Driver CPC

Managers/Operators Certificate of Professional Competence

Is a vehicle banksmans job is only to help a driver reverse?

Why Trained Drivers Keep Loads Safe on the Roads

After a bit of research, I ended up choosing Wallace and Im glad I did. My first phone call was very informative and I had only to choose when to start the training. Got all the books from them, studied everything and passed my theory test first time. Went to do some practical training with Gerry the instructor and got my skills polished to a very high standard. Anticipate, not react. The best advice I could ever get. Passed my practical first time and also the following CPC theory and practical tests. If someone asks me where to go for a truck licence, my answer is 1000 times Wallace School of Transport. They care for you as if you were family. That counts more than anything.

I passed the practical test first time and this is undoubtedly due to the professional and supportive manner in which I was instructed. Without this, I have no doubt that my progress wouldnt have been so quick or productive. Please once again pass my sincere thanks onto both the administrative staff and Michael himself.

We have been very pleased with the help and assistance and standard of training we have received from your team. I will be in touch shortly to make arrangements for our new trainees.