Schlepping clients around all weekend. Scrambling between commission checks. Doing everything they told me to do to succeed in this business. But it wasnt working.

Today, Im in the Top 1% in the nation and havesold just under 2,000 homes over the past 16 years, and have personally averaged well over 100 homes a year. Currently, I am on track to sell nearly 200 homes this year. How? By becoming a Community Market Leader™

Look, Im no smarter than you and probably dont work harder than you (though I work like a crazy person). But Ive figured out how to absolutely dominate my market by applying the same marketing approach Fortune 500 companies use. Its all about innovation, smart use of cutting edge technology, and what I call socialized marketing.

It has worked for me and I know it will work for you.

Close over 90% of your listing presentations before you even walk in the door?

Generate thousands of qualified leads while you sleep rather wondering where the next one will come from?

Spend weekends with your loved ones rather than knocking on doors, cold calling and sitting in open houses?

Make your work more enjoyable and reduce your stress level?

Sleep at night because you have financial security?

Quickly dominate market share even if someone else already does or you new to the business.

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Based in Northern California, Realtor® Krista Mashore sold 69 homes in her first year and has personally sold well over 100 homes every year since. On track to sell 200 homes this year, Krista also coaches and trains brokers and agents throughout the U.S. on cutting edge real estate techniques and technologies you cant learn from any other trainer or coach out there.

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