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Many threads opened on this topic, none seem to have an answer for my problem so i am going to give it a try..

System : Windows Server 2012 SQL Server 2012 Enterprise edition

Problem : We are using SQLDependency to enable use of query notification in our application which means it creates its own service , queue and procedure.

Question 1: Looking in the stored procedure i see it does receive top 0. What does it mean to do top 0?

Now for the real problem.. Occasionally , the error log is filled with the following messages (to the point when i cant open it) : Query notification delivery could not send message on dialog X…. because of the following error in service broker: The conversation handle X is not found. The messages appear with the same conversation_handle or 3 different the most.

when i query that conversation from nversation_endpoints , i do see it and it is marked as is_system = 1 (STARTED_OUTBOUND).

Ive added an alert on error 9245 to try and identify why it happens when it happens. In the message During the last time interval X query notification errors were suppressed , the X is enormous and more than 10,000. i guess the number is related to retrials because we dont have such a number of notifications.

At first, i thought it might be related with the DialogTimer message because i noticed that when i end the conversation of that specific message , the messages stop but recently it didnt work so the only think i could do to stop it is set NEW_BROKER.

it immediately happen when i do recycle to our application pool although i see in our logs it calls the SQLDependency.Stop , i dont see the objects (service,queue and procedure) dropped and the error messages start flooding the error log.

Please let me know if further details are required. Appreciate your help,

Read that article a couple of times. non of the scenarios described match mine. i did a couple of tests and whenever i do iis application pool restart, it immediately start to send thousands of these messages to my error log every couple of milliseconds. setting NEW_BROKER does reset it but i want to find the problem and not fix it like this. i want to try to work with predefined service , queue and sp instead of letting sqldependency create them but that will damage a bit the flexibility of creating new instances without some manual work.

It seems you just need to turn on the trace flag 4133, take a look to this post:

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