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a businessman who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission

An agent involved in the exchange of messages or transactions.

To act as a broker; to mediate in a sale or transaction.

one who transacts business for another; an agent

an agent employed to effect bargains and contracts, as a middleman or negotiator, between other persons, for a compensation commonly called brokerage. He takes no possession, as broker, of the subject matter of the negotiation. He generally contracts in the names of those who employ him, and not in his own

a dealer in money, notes, bills of exchange, etc

brkr, employed to buy and sell for others: a second-hand dealer: a pander: a commissioner.v.i.Broke, to bargain, negotiate: (Shak.) to act as a pander or go-between:pr.p.brking;pa.p.brked.ns.Brokerage,Brokage, the business of a broker: the commission charged by a broker: a commission charged for transacting business for others;Brokery, the business of a broker.p.adj.Broking, doing business as a broker: practised by brokers. [M. E.brocourA.S.brucan; Ger.brauchen, to use, to profit.]

From the Anglo-Saxonbrucan, through the Old Englishbrocour, to use for profit.

Rank popularity for the word broker in Nouns Frequency: 2885

The numerical value of broker in Chaldean Numerology is:2

The numerical value of broker in Pythagorean Numerology is:6

Indonesias willingness as an honestbrokerremains the same.

We dont think this is an overwhelming task forbroker-dealers.

Although its not the sit-down with abroker, they do get insights.

Why is the man (or woman) who invests all your money called abroker?

If Donald Trumpbrokerhim out, I ll be fed up with The Republicans.


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