Interide now delivers the advantage of a full spectrum of transportation and logistics solutions: from full truckload to LTL. Our Freight Broker School even offers a certified curriculum for training logistics professionals. Connect with Interide Logistics to more effectively manage loads, payments and customer relationships.

Learn from a company that succeeds at exactly what it teaches.

The Interide Logistics Freight Broker School (ILFBS) helps qualified candidates to enter the transportation industry, either working for a shipper, or as an independent freight broker or third party logistics (3PL) owner. This intense, one-week course prepares qualified students to work for, operate, or own a logistics company. Those students who already work in manufacturing or distribution will learn the skills necessary to help reduce their companies transportation spend.

Learn to act as a liaison between companies shipping freight and the carriers who haul it. Students will work with modern equipment & technology. Instruction will be conducted by individuals with years of experience and proven success in the freight brokerage and transportation field.

The Interide Freight Brokerage School inSalt Lake City, is currently undergoing changes to the cirriculumn. Classes will resume in hte near future. Chekc back to this website to see when classes will be offered.

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