Our brokers have contracts with us to market our Coachman products and to service existing insurance policies sold through their brokerages.

While many insurance companies are moving away from independent insurance brokers, Coachman Insurance Company chooses to embrace its broker network to provide a personal connection and better customer service.

Having a network of brokers who sell our products not only gives you choice and personal one-on-one advice; it gives you flexibility that fits your schedule and lifestyle. Our brokers set their own hours, pay their own expenses and have complete control over their own business.

Many of these brokers also market other companies products and services. By representing a number of insurance companies, independent brokers provide you with professional advice and arrange for insurance coverage on your behalf. We believe this provides you with the opportunity to choose the best value for your money.

An independent broker serves you best because they represent you and are able to market your insurance to the company that best meets your needs.

Ask us a question or share a concern. Our goal is to get you the answer you need.

Understanding your experience with us is important. Help us make things better.

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