If you are reading this, chances are you are considering a career in freight brokering. Along with all the specifics such as getting a license and afreight broker bond, you might also consider going through a freight broker training class. While not mandated by the FMCSA, good training is recommended if you are starting on your own, have no prior experience in the industry, and feel insecure about where to start.

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At Bryant Surety Bonds, we work with numerous freight brokers who ask whether we can recommend a good freight broker training program in Atlanta, GA. Some of the programs we have selected are available both as a traditional class and online, whereas others are only available online, meaning they are applicable to aspiring brokers from across the country.

We are in now way endorsing the below-listed training schools. We would actually advise you to do as much initial research as possible before selecting you freight broker training class. In our selection, we have looked into such factors as price, depth and variety of classes offered, as well as reviews by graduates. Lets look into 5 options for your freight broker training in Atlanta.

Shippers Carriers LLCis a freight training school, celebrating its 25thyear teaching freight brokers how to excel in their field. You may choose from three different classes, depending on your needs and prior knowledge:

In-Office Training. Price: $950.This is their form of traditional classroom training with an instructor. It is located in Winder, Ga, around 50 miles from Atlanta. The class covers all basics of brokering a load, as well as licensing requirements and specifics. It takes two full days, after which you have to pass a test and can go over any unclear areas with the instructor once more. Bring a friend to class, and youll be eligible for a discount.

Online classes. Price: $750. This covers the same details, except that the instruction is done online and/or over the phone, which is quite convenient and knocks off $200 from the price.

Home Study.Price: $500.If you choose this mode of study, you will receive training materials, but no help from an instructor. After you are ready, you will also have to pass an exam.

TheFreight Movers School LLCalso offers a great variety of courses, both online and offline, available in two locations Dallas, TX and Atlanta, Ga.

If you already know the basics but want to polish up your sales skills, theres a one-day course with a focus on that. It can be great for someone who has previous industry experience, such as a motor carrier, but lacks the skills required to make sales.Offered for $250, its a pretty reasonably-priced course.

The Quick Start Freight Broker Course is another option, this time only available online andpriced at $1,250. Dont let the name fool you, the class is quick because you go through it in two days, but the amount of information involved is quite impressive.

Finally, theres the In-Depth Freight Broker Training Course, which is only offered on-site, several times a year. You can see the 2016 dates listed on their website.At $3,000its one of the more costly options, but there is literally not a single topic they dont cover.

One of the perks of studying at Freight Movers School LLC, is that they offer continuing support after graduation, and even placement opportunities with one of their affiliate brokering firms.

Load Trainingis among the oldest freight broker training schools. The reason for that is the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Mr. Dwinell. Back in the 1980s there were no available resources, but at the same time, truckers needed the sales know-how to succeed. Dwinell started teaching the expertise himself, and his company is still doing this today.

The really nice thing about their website is that they offer a variety of books for free, and even a free DVD. Prices vary based on the depth of the class. A 5-day classcosts $2,200, but if you also prefer to learn how to develop a business plan, you may opt for a 7-day classoffered at $2,700.The self-study option comes at $799.

All three include life-time ongoing support upon completion, and guaranteed agent placement if you prefer to work for a company rather than start your nsult their class scheduleto see when they hold seminars in Atlanta.

offers a well-designed online course, which also comes at a low cost. They promise to give you tools that may not be available at other training schools, such as access to load boards and transportation databases.

The most basic form of training (price: $99) will give you all the information you need, all necessary forms and contracts, and will quiz you at the end.

For $499you get a load board membership for 1 year, as well as a downloadable transportation directory with more than 550,000 entries, where you can look for shippers and carriers. The Deluxe offer,priced at $699,is still cheaper than many others, and also includes license-filling services and website templates, because a good-looking website is a must nowadays.

JPL Enterprisestakes an interesting approach to training freight brokers, by splitting their program into three phases, each one taking a week. Their promise is that by week three you will have all the resources you need to become an active freight broker.

Phase one includes attending a one-day session, available at a city near you, or watching a pre-recorded training program, available online. It covers your relationships with shippers and carriers, as well as where to look for business opportunities. Attending aclass costs $399, whereas on-demand viewingcomes at $199.

Phase two is optional, and takes you through licensing specifics such as obtaining an MC Broker Number and will set you back $887.  Phase three, called the Broker Assistance Plan, is also optional. If you sign up for it (costs$349 a month),you will have someone to advise you once you are operating your own business.

Whether you prefer to work at your own pace in the comfort of your home, or would rather go through a crash course at a traditional classroom setting in Atlanta, these 5 freight broker training schools will get you covered.

Whether you want to start your freight broker bond application or just have any surety bonds related questions, call us at 866.450.3412 orsend us an email. Well be happy to help out.

Todd Bryant is a graduate of Germantown Academy and the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration Honors College. He has been President of Bryant Surety Bonds, Inc., an A+ rated Business with the Better Business Bureau, since 2007. Licensed as a producer with the Department of Insurance, he has been published in the National Association of Surety Bond Producers newsletter and on numerous authoritative publications such as The Washington Post, , m and many more.

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