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(2-3 hours per day) (Sat-Sun) / (3 Days a Week)Classroom Training Weekends

(Sat-Sun, 2-3 hours per day)Classroom Training Weekdays

(3 Days a week, 2-3 hours per day)E-Learning Self Paced Training Plus Webinars With Subject Matter Experts Read More..Why Stock Market?Be your own Boss

Read More…Why ShareGurukul?12+ Years of Excellence in Stock Market Education

Faculty with over 40 years of trading experience

Why ShareGurukul?12+ Years of Excellence in Stock Market Education

Faculty with over 40 years of trading experience



SHAREGURUKUL is an earnest endeavor to spread the knowledge of financial markets amongst Indian masses.

Established under the guidance of Market Gurus, the venture is truly an educational revolution, an awakening of the

age old Gurukul Parampara in these modern times. Dynamically linked to the ground realities of the financial

markets, our initiative seeks to disburse knowledge, create awareness, generate social wealth and most importantly,

Our team of instructors comprises of expert traders who are committed towards the professional success of each learner. They ensure personal attention to the learners trading problems and concept clarification. It is the collaborative effort of our professional trainers backed by decades of experience of Sharegurukul, which makes it an amazing learning experience.

Trading experience of over 40+ years using technical trends.

Developed trading desk for various financial institutions making him an outstanding instructor.

Most premier trainer of Technical Analysis in Delhi.

Students under his guidance have not only gained technical analysis knowledge but from have made huge profits stock market.

HomeOverall rating:4.451

HomeJanuary 18, 2019551Share Gurukul is a place where you can excel your trading skills being experienced or amateur. Practice makes man perfect, so this is also a place where practice gain, learnt many things during your classes. Being a professional technical analyst this programme helps in developing my trading skills and knowledge about new development in market. All thanks to the Ashok Jain Sir. I think he is the best in the field. This academy has helped me a lot in the stepping stone of my life. Rahul Prajapti

Equity investments are subject to market risks. This is an academic course and does not guarantee returns from the stock market.