Theres nothing that increases agent productivity like commercial real estate coaching. Training is a great way to teach agents what they should be doing, but commercial real estate coaching makes sure that they do it.

The ongoing focus and accountability of having regular phone calls with your agents, making sure theyre focused, on track, and working the game plan that will make them solid amounts of money, will have them producing much better results than having them work their business on their own.

Whether we put together a program that your company will be paying for, or one that your agents will be paying for themselves, commercial real estate coaching will get your agents making more money.

Live one-on-one coaching calls to keep your agents focused, on track, and doing what will have them make the most amount of money in their brokerage businesses.

Live teleconference calls featuring interviews with top-producing agents, revealing their secrets and strategies that your own brokers can implement into their brokerage businesses. In addition, if there are times when your agents cant make the live calls, theyll be able to listen to the recordings of the calls also.

Question and answer sessions where your agents will get solid recommendations and ideas to help them become even more productive in their brokerage businesses.

Live Webinars where your agents will learn strategies to make them even more productive in their brokerage businesses. And if theres ever a time when they cant attend a live Webinar, they can watch a recording of the Webinar whenever its most convenient for them.

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