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The key to rapid success is building your broking business the right way, from day one. The right blueprint will ensure a slick and efficient operation that will deliver better client outcomes, faster approvals, bigger volumes and more revenue in less time. Here, youll learn first-hand how to build a solid business from day one from one of THE experts in running an elite brokerage. Learn how to:

Set up the systems and processes to ensure you run an efficient brokerage

Understand what your clients want and how to deliver it

Identify and capitalise on new opportunities in the market

Create value in your broking business beyond trail

The perfect fit: Accelerate your business growth with the right partner

Lead generation, business support, brand awareness and commission structures are some of the essential considerations for brokers. Establishing which model best suits your needs is critical to building a business that fits your goals. This must-attend session reveals the different models that are out there, the costs associated with the services you can tap into and the insights you need to determine which model is best for you and your business. Learn about:

Franchise or independent: the features and benefits of different models

Case studies into how and why top brokers have chosen their partner

Next steps: Strategies to make the switch or leverage your current model

A good mentor can have a dramatic effect on how quickly your business yields outstanding results. Youll see how some of the top brokers have worked with their mentors to supercharge their success and build outstanding, client-focused and high-volume businesses. Youll learn how to:

Choose the right mentor to help you build your business effectively from day one

Master the mindset to generate income-producing activities daily

Fast-track your business goals by unlocking your potential

Founder, Mentor and Visionary, Classic Mentoring

Founder, Author and Chief property strategist, KnowHow Property Finance

Owner, Founder and Director, Quality Financial Group

Boost revenue with effective referral partnerships

Referral partners can have a huge impact on delivering strong flows of quality clients. Financial advisers are among the most attractive referral partners but whats the secret to winning their trust and their clients? This focused session reveals WHY financial advisers choose one broker over another, HOW to ensure that your proposition aligns best with their needs and the SECRET to winning their trust and their clients business!

Start the conversation and identify networking opportunities to connect with wealth managers

Build a long-term partnership based on common goals and brand alignment

Avoid common mistakes when establishing and growing your referral partnerships

Why theres NEVER been a better time to boost revenue How to make 2019 your biggest year yet!

With 60 per cent of all new customers turning to a mortgage broker, its little wonder that the best brokers are looking to make 2019 their biggest year yet. This engaging session will reveal how brokers can broaden their offering to boost their revenue and solve their clients growing needs. Youll find out which products and services are an easy fit with your business, how a diversified offering can increase profitability and which new markets are ripe for new brokers to tap into. Discover:

The potential new markets that are right for you

How to evolve in a changing environment and stay ahead of the game

The products that could help bring in new revenue and create stickier clients

Learn the top 10 most effective marketing techniques for building and maintaining a strong database and position your business on the growth path from the start. In this session:

Learn how to identify potential clients and convert these leads

Master simple processes to accelerate your lead generation

Learn how to manage ongoing client communications and ensure retention

This interactive session with leading product providers will give you a unique platform to sharpen your product knowledge and identify new opportunities. Youll have a unique chance to hear from five different lenders in this quick-fire session. This is your chance to discover where the biggest opportunities are to attract new clients and generate more revenue.Find out:

Where there is a needs gap among borrowers and how to provide a solution

How to work as effectively as possible with lenders to gain fast, effective client outcomes

Which products can be the most effective for cracking new market segments