A $10k a year product for just $29/month. Unbelievable.

From initial outreach to the closing table, ensure every detail happens exactly how it should.

Get instant access to everything you need to know about your clients.

Bring your agency into the 21st Century with a fully automated marketing machine.

Everything you need to run a successful business.

The Wise Agent Contact Manager works for you 24/7, and its known for helping people create some of the longest lasting relationships in the industryits a crowd pleaser.

Your system will automatically pull social data from their email, and this is just one of your incredible Lead Automation tools with Wise Agent. Combine this with the rest and your leads become better, your life becomes easier, and your business takes off. This is one of our favorite new features.

Your business only moves as fast as you do. With the Wise Agent Transaction Manager, you stay connected to the people and information needed to consistently close dealsits more fun that way.

With Wise Agents automated drip marketing, youll automatically send fresh content designed to turn contacts into clients all year long. Set it and forget it with our simple calendar tool, and watch the hot leads roll in.

Wise Agent offers a very powerful landing page platform with many easy to customize real estate landing page templates to get you started.You may choose your own domains for your landing pages, or use one that is assigned. Pages are ready to be used anywhere on the internet within minutes.

Regardless of how your real estate team is structured, Wise Agents team friendly CRM will work for you. As the team leader or account owner you can decide what each persons experience will be when they login to Wise Agent.

Organize, systematize and boost productivity with the Wise Agent Appointment Calendar. Link & share appointments to clients & vendors. Set up text and email alerts to anyone on your team for each appointment in your Day Planner. Create daily, weekly, or monthly to-do lists for you/your team, and monitor progress.

We understand that there are many other technology systems you use for your success and anytime it makes sense, we want you to be able to access and use that other technology in one place – your CRM. Wise Agent is a very customizable CRM with many settings, integrations, 24/7 support and other tools available for you.

Connect all the tools you need to run your business.

If youre like most agents, you want to provide an amazing customer experience and build an incredibly successful real estate business. The problem is that most agents are still running their business the old fashioned way. They havent automated their marketing or transactions, and so theyre working too hard and leaving lots of money on the table.

WiseAgent was built by agents for agents. So you can automate your business, convert more leads and actually live the lifestyle you came here for.

We use Wise Agent for lead distribution to our team. It is very affordable compared to others. What I like most about Wise Agent is that when you call, they answer the phone and help talk you through whatever you need. The customer service is amazing, and its software is very user-friendly.


I recommend Wise Agent to all of my students because I have found that it is not enough to have a CRM that can do everything you need it to do, if you cant figure out how to do it. There are a lot of options out there but if you want something that is user-friendly and affordable… theres only one clear choice… and thats Wise Agent.

Ive been recommending Wise Agent and Brandon Wise for over 5 years. Their newest version is the most exciting EVER. As a Coach, I know that your Database is the single most important tool for consistent business and growth, with the least cost and effort. What Brandon has done is give you a $10K a year product for just $29/month. Unbelievable.

Ive closed thousands of deals as a Transaction Manager, and I can say with certainty there is no better software than Wise Agent to keep my transactions organized. The Checklist, Task, and Calendar tools save time in setting up each transaction, ensuring all deadlines are met and tasks are completed. As a trainer and coach; I recommend Wise Agent to all of my clients (no matter what level theyre at), because its the most affordable, efficient, and easiest system out there, bar none.


I have coached thousands of agents over the years and found that many do not have a CRM tool at all or have one they dont use because of the complexity. I recommend Wise Agent to our members as a CRM tool unused is the same as not having one at all. At upcoming conferences, we are planning breakout sessions to train our members on utilizing all the powerful, yet easy to use features of Wise Agent so no prospect gets left behind.

I used many contact management systems over the years, Wise Agent by far is one of the most user friendly I have encountered. Its affordable and easy for even non tech savvy to master. I recommend to all of my coaching customers and personally use it to manage the contacts in my coaching business. We love it!

Wise Agent is an extremely affordable yet surprisingly robust and highly integrable CRM. FANTASTIC!!

I get feedback from agents all over the world every day and Wise Agents support gets the highest praise out of all the CRMs on the market. Im affiliated with over 40 of them and its one of my top favorites.

Wise Agents new Lead Automation is why we refer them to everyone. They make it simple to import and distribute leads immediately, email or text them automatically, and convert sales better than anything Ive seen. Since we create Email Marketing Touch Programs for top agents and teams nationally, weve come to know Wise Agent as a leader in real estate automation tools.

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