Simple & compliant border solutions for the modern importer.

Submit a clearance ticket online, well need some basic details, a commercial invoice and any related documents available.

Dont worry if you dont have all the requested documents or info, when getting started. It can be updated at any time.

After submitting a clearance you will have access to your online workspace (ticket) where you canchat in real timewith your agent,updateany missing documents &check the statusof your clearance.

This space will stay active throughout the life of your shipment

Once your agent has confirmed they have all the necessary info and documents, everything is submitted to U.S. Customs electronically for release.

Clearit USA files all customs entries via secure EDI Link.

Upon successful authorization, we process your credit card on file and your goods are released! Ready for final destination.

We can handle it directly. Just ask your agent!

With technology that lets you start clearing shipmentsimmediatelyand the comfort of live agents supporting each ticket, Clearit USA gets your shipments clearedfast and stress free, and all without the time constraints and heavy upfront costs of traditional brokers.

Communication is paramount not only to Clearit USA, but to Customs Brokerage and logistics as a whole. Thats why we offer multi-channel communication, keeping you and the rest of your supply chain up to date every step of the way.

Clearit USA prides itself on the ability to act quickly & efficiently while maintaining compliance. Using our proprietary software and swarm approach, we can ensure no detail is overlooked and offer the quickest turnaround time in the industry, guaranteed.

Traditional brokerage models are antiquated It can take days just to activate an account. You want to work with a Customs Broker that can work at the speed of todays business.

Live chat sessions throughout the lifetime of your shipment

Clearit prides itself on pioneering the online customs clearance industry.

from account creation, document upload to online bill payment and all steps in between. Clearits state of the art dashboard and platform is continuously evolving to provide its users the best experience in the business.

We were the first to post our pricing and today offer a menu of pricing that optimizes cost for all user types. Avoid the hidden charges common in the industry.