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Okay, so you know that consistent communication with core groups is key to achieve repeat business and referrals, but youre busy. We get it! Coming up with a system that can help you reach out to just a few a day would help, right? Thats what weve done! Each day well give you 5 clients you should connect with and suggest actions based on your relationship. All the details are right in front of you, so follow-up is a snap, and when youre done, just wrap it up and schedule the next touchpoint! If you try to follow up withjust 5 a day, youll reap the benefits later!

, or created a listing/closing for them, theyre a past client to us.

contact type, we know theyre part of your sphere. (Make sure the contact type you assign contains the word sphere. See theFAQsbelow for details.)

Any leads youenterinto the system,receive from your lead providers, andassign a pipeline statusof

Any contacts youveimportedinto Top Producer CRM.

Anybody else who doesnt meet the above requirements. Well make sure important clients dont fall off your radar.

You set how often you want to connect with each group.

ClickHomefrom the main menu to view the Follow-up Coach, then clickWhy these contacts? (If theWhy these contacts?link doesnt appear, just click theright herelink on the left side.)

In theLast action was more thancolumn, select how often you want to connect with each group. For example, set that after 90 days of taking action with a past client, you want us to remind you to follow up.

We keep track of actions you take with your contacts. When the last action reaches the number of days you set in step 2, well start to remind you to follow up.

Any time you do any of the following, we think youve connected with a contact:

Also:If you subscribe to Market Snapshot, Follow-Up Coach will automatically identify contacts that you might want to send a Snapshot to (that dont already have one), and identify contacts that have already received a Snapshot but have not yet viewed it.

Each day, the Follow-up Coach will provide you with contacts you need to connect with. (Just clickHomefrom the main menu to view it.)

Click a contact card to view their details, so you can give them a quick call orSend an email.

When youre done, wrap it up by recording the details and scheduling the next follow-up. See the continuous cycle youll create if you do?

You know how important it is to consistently keep in touch with your past clients, sphere and all your other contacts. Follow-up Coach takes the guesswork out of who you need to contact and when. Each day well give you 5 you should connect with, and all you have to do is the important partfollow up! Youll reap the benefits if you do!

We know whos who in your database and the last time you took action with them. Based on this information, we provide 5 a day you should reach out to. All you need to do is set how often you want to connect and make sure youre organizing your database (by assigningcontact typesandpipeline statuses).

For more details, see theHow we choose the contacts you should connect withsection above.

Since we base the contacts you should connect with on information you enter in your database (contact types/pipeline statuses you assign, listings/closings you create, etc), the Follow-up Coach is very accurate. To see how we determine whos who in your database and the last time you connected with them, see theHow we choose the contacts you should connect withsection above.

Yes, to help you generate repeat and referral business, we put past clients at the top of the list, followed by your sphere. Next up are new leads (because consistent contact is key), and then contacts you import (so you can organize them and make your database profitable). Last but not least is everyone else that doesnt fall into these categories. We dont want important clients falling off your radar.

You do this from the Settings area in the Follow-up Coach. For details see step 2 in theHow we choose the contacts you should connect withsection above.

in the Follow-up Coach, but what actions trigger this?

How do you figure out how long its been since Ive contacted a client? I see the

in the Follow-up Coach, but what actions trigger this?

We consider the following actions indicate youve connected with a client:

I assign the SOI contact type to my sphere of influence. I dont use the default Sphere of Influence contact type. Will Follow-up Coach recognize my sphere when checking my database?

If your contact type contains the word sphere, Follow-up Coach will display contacts from your sphere to follow up with. However, if your contact type does not contain the word sphere, unfortunately Follow-up Coach wont recognize these contacts as part of your sphere.

Dont worry though, its easy to fix. Follow these steps to assign a sphere contact type and dont forget to use this going forward.

Follow-up Coach will now recognize this group as your sphere, and will frequently suggest you reach out to them.

As youre entering contacts into the system, make sure youreassigning contact types(past client, sphere of influence, etc).

This one is similar to the above. Make sure youresetting the contacts pipeline statusas you go along. The pipeline will help you quickly identify where a contact is in the lead lifecycle.

As you receive new leads, make sure youadd them to the system(and assign theNewpipeline status). Also, make sure youset up your lead providersso your leads automatically appear in Top Producer CRM.

Importing contactsinto Top Producer CRM is a great way to get contacts into your database, and weve got a really easy tool for you to use! (After you import contacts, make sure to follow tips 1 & 2 above!)

The email address you entered in the My Account area will be used.

The email will appear theActivitiestab in the contacts record.

Yes, its easy! Just go toMarketingTemplate Library. ClickEmail Library and from theShow Categorydrop-down selectFollow-up coach quick response emails.

From here you can modify our templates or create new ones. Just make sure you save the template in theFollow-up coach quick response emailscategory and youll be good to go!

No, currently its not possible to create your own custom rule.

No, the Follow-up Coach will only display any unassigned contacts and the contacts that are assigned to you.

The contact wont start appearing in the Follow-up Coach again until the number of days you specified in the Settings.

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