Embroker helps businesses get the right coverage, at a lower cost, and with less hassle.

insurance works for your business.Insurance Management Platform

Streamline your applications, policies, claims, and certificates of insurance.

Get support from experts who understand your industry.

Instantly buy market leading coverage and save an average of 20% on premiums.

Embrokers specialized insurance advisors will use proprietary data to identify ways for you to improve coverage, fix gaps, and reduce costs.

With access to more than 50 leading carriers and Embrokers proprietary digital policies, well get you the best value on the right coverage.

Purchase any type of policy from more than 50 carriers.

Review and submit apps in less than 10 minutes.

Customized benefits integrated with your HR system.

A unified view of insurance policies company-wide.

Speak with advisors who specialize in specific industries.

Data-driven recommendations to improve coverage and value.

Get instant quotes onstartup insuranceand save an average of 20%.

We had no idea we were overpaying for insurance. We relied on what our broker told us, even though it turned out to be completely wrong.

Amour Vert, a sustainable fashion brand and retailer, was spending massive amounts on workers compensation premiums, despite having no history of losses.

Through our benchmarking tools, Amour Vert discovered that its workers comp costs were significantly higher than those of similar companies. We dug into their policy and found an incorrect classification of its employees. With a simple class code correction, we brought Amour Verts costs down by 20%, enabling it to invest in growing its store base.

Embroker learns its customers insurance needs thoroughly, and uses both technology and expertise to improve service and lower costs.

Buying and managing insurance through Embroker is a revelation compared to what we were doing before. The systems totally transparent and easy to use.

The CEO of Good Food Guys, which owns the growing chains Mixt Greens and Split Bread, was spending precious time tracking multiple policies as well as updating assets, drivers, locations, and property schedules.

David switched from his broker of ten years to Embroker, and in less than one day he was able to store and manage all of his policies, benchmark costs, send certificates, and report and track claims all online. Our tools save David time and money while our team of licensed experts supports him every step of the way.

Our software makes insurance intuitive and painless, empowering business owners to spend more time running their business.

Embroker helps us get the ball rolling with potential clients in record time whereas before wed have to wait at least 48 hours for a response to any insurance questions.

Eden employs a physical workforce who travel to clients offices to help with everything from nightly janitorial to soundproofing conference rooms. Physically entering and performing work onsite exposes Eden to a significant amount of risk. Eden needs a solid insurance program to cover bodily injury and damage caused to clients propertya priority for both Eden and their customers.

After seeing a need for a change, Eden signed a broker of record letter with Embroker. Our team approached an insurance carrier that was writing policies for unique marketplaces and who could offer competitive premium with great coverages. As a result, we helped Eden find the best value on the right coverage expanding coverage and reducing premiums by $30k.

Not all policies are created equal. Embrokers tools deliver key insights for spotting gaps and optimizing coverage.