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NADA Reports… The Average Profit is $2,434 Per Used Car!

This is an application for the mentorship program at the Auto Dealer Academy. My assistant will NOT be reviewing your application, I will look at this myself.

After you press Submit Information, you will schedule a phone call with me. The goal of call is to discover if you are ready and able to get started (a lot of people arent) and to ensure we are a good match.

Just be forewarned, not everyone is invited to join the Auto Dealer Academy during the call. Experience is not required either. Just to be up front, if you need to talk to your wife or get your partners approval, do that before filling out the application.

Are you a car guy at heart? An entrepreneur? Will you be a success no matter what? If so… welcome home! If so… I probably know you better than anyone else in your life. Ive been there, done that. I know the challenges, the hurdles, the nay-sayers, the people who doubt you, the limited thinking losers who say you cant do it… and… (pardon my french) fem all.

We are the lions. We are the tigers. We go after what we want and we dont care what others think.

And.. we take care of our families. We love & protect our children. We provide without grumbling – we carry the burden of men on our backs and move at double time. We are the true warriors.

So… if you can handle direct, blunt, no bull crap, frank language, and the occasional use of profanity, we just might be a good fit.  I am an all in kind of guy… are you? If so, welcome home – welcome to the tribe!

Please be WARNED: This training is NOT for the faint hearted or easily offended. I tell it like I see it without pulling any punches. Im your coach and that is how I approach the training.

This paint-by-numbers formula allows you to systematically flip cars for profit with ease, so you can have more income and happiness in everything you do.

Its the ultimate shortcut, step-by-step system that removes all the guesswork, waste and frustration out of consistently buying & selling used cars for profit, once and for all (even if youre starting from scratch)GUARANTEED!

Use my proprietary formula for buying & selling used cars for profit… make more money and saving yourself TONS of time and frustration.

Lets get this out of the way…. Joining the Auto Dealer Academy does require an investment. An investment in the training, an investment in yourself, & an investment in taking action!

Now, the car business is not brain surgery. It really isnt. With that said, I know from experience, there are many things you dont know, that you dont know! That is a scary place to be! I am here to help you avoid the costly landmines by educating you & being available to answer your questions!

This investment dramatically shortcuts your learning curve. Learn in a few months what would take you 10 years to learn! It is an investment…. not an expense. If you expect to make 100s of thousands of dollars over the years, then this training is a drop in the bucket. Poor people see the investment as a cost.. they dont understand…. Poor people dont value their time or believe in themselves.

(Less than the profit of one average car deal.)

Peanuts really…. The price depends on what you need to learn. Maybe you just need help with one thing (like.. adding auto brokering to your existing business) OR maybe you want to learn everything (retail, wholesale, auto brokering, inspecting, …) AND attend live one-on-one training at a dealer auction. Those have two very different price points as you should expect.

Final Thought: Does the car business work? NO it doesnt. YOU make it work. The opportunity is about what YOU DO.

If you are dead broke, this isnt the right time for you. If you are a snowflake, this business isnt for you – it will chew you up. But, if you like cars, love being your own boss, and have the tiger blood of a entrepreneur… this can be the most fun youve ever had with your clothes on!

The car business is a GREAT American tradition and I am PROUD to present this training course to you!

If you want to start a profitable used car business… if you want to buy & sell used cars for profit… either as a part-time side hustle or a brand new career…at the end of this training video… you are in the right place!

I will emailed you a link to this training… just in case you dont have the 40 minutes required to watch this very second (or just keep this window open and come back later).

I put this training video together so you can meet me, feel my passion, and discover the depth of my knowledge. I want you to feel like you know me…. your new friend in the car business who will show you the ropes & keep you out of trouble.

Word of warning… what I am about to say might seem rude… and not politically correct to say but I am a straight shooter… a tell-you-how-it-is guy. I dont sugar coat things nor take snowflake feelings into consideration. I dont have a cry closet or puppies for you to play with afterwards. My job is to train you! My obligation is to be honest, forthright, and to the point.

So… here we go… This business is NOT for everyone. (But, once it gets in your blood, it is in your blood!) And.. it is my goal to stop that guy from ever joining. I can sniff a lazy loser, with bullshit talk, no investment capital, and no real ambition a mile away! They talk a big game with nothing to back it up! In Texas, we say that person has Big Hat, No Cattle.

BUT.. if you have right stuff, I will welcome you with open arms and will invite you to join the Auto Dealer Academy. I will give you my personal cell phone too. When you have a question, you call… if I dont answer… I will call you back OR shoot me a text. I can often respond to a text message sooner. My DNA is that of a COACH… in other words… I put all of myself into my students!

This is the great ole American car business… men invented it… and to this day, it is dominated by men. REAL men. Salt of the earth men. We grunt. We scratch. We slay the dragon and bring home the meat. We take care of our family. We are loyal. We love our Wife. We pray with our children. We say Merry Christmas. We believe in One Nation Under God. We take care of our bills. We fulfill our obligations. We rely on ourselves. Our work ethic speaks for us. We get out of something what we put into it. We know there is no free ride. We know a good days hard work is what every American needs. We salute our flag. We get chills when an F-18 flies over.  When we draw a line in the sand, we mean it – just try us! Our word means something. We dont need contracts because a handshake is our contract.  We protect the sheep because the sheep doesnt know they are sheep. We are men. We take care of business! We never let the negative talk of another unman us. We claim our stake.

Now… to be candid, you do NOT need any car industry experience to enroll. I can get your trained up! That is my job and your job is to do the sweat equity required.

If you join the Auto Dealer Academy…. Ill be your mentor.  The step-by-step training program will get you from Point A to Point Z. AND… This next part is

… You will not be alone. I will be right here.. right beside you…. to answer your questions and help you. I will be on your team! I will be just a phone call away.

You see… I have been training guys (and ladies) since 1997! Ive seen every mistake and made many of them myself. This training program will SHORT CUT your learning curve by years! And.. it will save you thousands of dollars because you will not be paying the stupid tax so many others have to pay!

If you have been looking for a mentor, I just might be the guy youve been looking for. I know, in my own life, the next mentor  seems to appear JUST when I need him! Just when I am ready for my next step…. a mentor seems to appear to help me. I hope I can be that guy for you!

Below… is a Course Outline… a course syllabus if you will. As you will discover, it is quite IN DEPTH & THOROUGH. I leave no stone unturned. EXCEPT… I do not teach one thing… it is importing/exporting cars. I just dont know a darn thing about it and I NEVER pretend to know something when I dont. So, if you want to learn import/export, I am not your guy. Just letting you know up front.

The Auto Dealer Academys study course has been called the Bible of The Used Car Industry. It is a complete study course, backed by decades of insider industry experience. It has been battlefield tested over and over… from small rural towns to the bustling big cities ALL over this great nation. You will not be disappointed.

At :56 Are You On This List? The Flat Out Truth Is… The Car Business Doesnt Give a Flying-Crap About Your Past or Your Experience. You Get To Determine Your Success!

At 7:30: Question: What Is The WORST Car To Buy? Answer: A Car You Wish You Had Never Bought! Discover the One BIG Mistake Beginners AND Seasoned Professionals Make That Triples Their Chance Of Buying a Bad Car. And… It Is Completely Avoidable. Ill Reveal How To Make Sure This Doesnt Happen To You!

At 9:00: What Factors Determine Your Long Term Success? How To Put The Odds Of Success In YOUR Corner!

At 10:15: Learn About One Of MY BIG STUPID MISTAKES! And, It Was Costly Too! I Never Ever Want YOU To Make This Mistake! I Will Hammer This Into Your Head.

At 14:15: Advice Every Married Man NEEDS To Hear BEFORE Starting The Car Business! It Just Might Save Your Marriage Too.

At 16:28: Are You Better Than These Guys??? If Not, Go Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200… Search For A Different Business. The Car Business May Not Be For You!

At 19:03 Discover The Average Profit In The Used Car Business! For A Newbie, This Number Might Shock You! For Industry Insiders, We Say Yeah Baby!.

At 20;56: How to Turn $2,863 Into $20,616. This is TOTALLY Doable… Part-Time… On The Side – The Perfect Side Hustle.

At 21:58 How to Turn $2,863 Into $806,109! This is NOT Going To Happen… But Lets See What COULD Happen!

At 22:25 Three Car Deals Explained & Explored. PLUS.. One KILLER TIP! I Use the Auto Trader, eBay, and the MMR (A Secret Tool Ill Reveal) to show you what is possible. One Skinny Deal, One Normal Deal, and One Homerun!

At 25:15: TIP I: How to Get Started & Ramp Up Quickly!

At 25:50 My Six Step Profit System Explained in Detail. Do NOT Join the Auto Dealer Academy Til You Watched This Video! This Business Is NOT Brain Surgery… But….

At 28:04 Old Method Vs New Method. You Do NOT Need a Car Lot with the New Method! The Car Business is Evolving!

At 29:03 The BEST Profit Model For 2018! Discover My Recommendation On The VERY BEST WAY To Make Money In The Car Business…. There is No Way You Will Guess It!

Ive purchased the Master Training course and it has been one of my best investments made thus far.

As stated and overly emphasized in the training course, Id taken my time to research and understand the dynamics of the car industry.  After viewing the training video on How to inspect a car, I was amazed at how much fun it is to perform vehicle inspections.  After all, a vehicle inspection is the foundation for survival in the car business.  I will admit, my current skill set is not of a 2 minute inspection, but as I continue to practice my methods will improve.

Using the techniques developed in your manual, Ive made my first vehicle purchase from an auction.  Because, of my market research and vehicle inspection, I purchased for the Right Price.   Then sold the vehicle 32 days after posting within social media and online services.    As I am growing and learning daily; it amazes one, the quantity of dealers who Overpay for vehicles at the auction. Your training course warned of Overpaying and how to bid smart even when walking away empty handed.

I cannot explain how FREE nor the pride Ive felt after my first sale. However, I will say that your informational course is a tool that Ill continue to use; which will be a guide and resonate within my arsenal of dealer techniques and service as I grow my Auto business.

Hey George, I would highly recommend your training program for anyone planning to go into this business. Even if you have been in it for a while, it is well worthwhile because you will look with fresh eyes and see some things you might have missed otherwise. George presents a fun and informative couple of days, and provides many insights into some of the challenges that will be faced. He will answer all the questions that you have and will bring up things you didnt think of.

Unless you have been buying and selling vehicles for a living and using auctions to do so, Georges training WILL save you time and money. The cost of the training is easily recovered by the savings in two or three deals, and his organized and focused methods of appraising and evaluating vehicles are consistently revealing.

Above all, George makes it fun and fast-moving. He has not stopped enjoying it and he will get you excited about your new enterprise! Good Luck!

Hi George, I am busy trying to get thru the whole course once quickly to get an overview and then I will go thru parts of it again VERY carefully. I am really excited! I was a Highline Auto Broker for a couple of years. It came out of my boat brokerage. My partner and I sold powerboats and our clientelle always loved my cars. At the time I spent all my money on owning the most expensive sports cars on the market and justified it by saying that it gave me credibility in business and it did-in a way.

What happened was my customers that bought expensive boats ended up asking me to find them a car. I fell into it and in the late 90s everyone seemed to have a lot of money from the dotcom explosion. I made a lot of easy money but never developed any formula and really never knew what I was doing.

After the NASDAQ crashed and money got tighter luxury and exotic items were not as profitable so I figured I would learn about the car business properly. I decided to get a job at a dealership that sold the cars I knew about.

I was quite successful at it but its funny, I never got rich but my boss sure did! It seemed like the whole car business consisted of the owner keeping us salespeople as confused, ignorant of the numbers and in the dark as much as the buyers so we couldnt cough up a good deal even if we wanted to! I learned nothing except how to play a tense game of sales poker and I was ALWAYS bluffing.

The hours were horrible, the competition among salespeople was fierce and surprisingly, the job was addictive. I ended up working seven days a week and could never find any balance between my personal life and making sure I got paid on all my deals. If I missed a day of work you can be sure a customer I had worked with for hours the day before stopped by the dealership on a whim and upon asking for me was told by one of my fellow salespeople that it was my day off but that HE would be willing to help out by completing the deal and stealing my paycheck! Needless to say my friends all encouraged me to find some balance between work and play or quit, you can guess the rest.

I gave up the car business went back to school ready to launch into a new fieldfell in love, got married and now I am 2 months away from being a father. Needless to say I have been searching for a way to get serious and I think I have found it! I know enough to know that you have truly laid all your cards on the table. You have put into one course the entire world of the car business. IT IS AMAZING! I have always wanted to get the big picture but no dealer ever wants to give up their piece of the pie easily. Very few guys know it all. They find a niche and stick to it. Most of the time that means they have to work under someone else. The few guys I knew out there who were their own bosses surely didnt want to tell me HOW EXACTLY they made a living. You have. It says two things

Hi George. Just wanted to write and say I received your email on my recent order for your course. Even though before I ordered your course I felt even if I do not ever sell a car or whatever I would enjoy doing lunch if I ever met you. I guess mostly because I felt you genuinely care for others and not just about making money. Anyway thank you again and I will be looking foward to receiving your package soon.- BILL IN FLORIDA

Hi George, Thank you for the excellent quality information I received within your manuals. Certainly the information shared went to the very heart of the

I just want to drop you a line and let you know how beneficial your course has been. I have been attending auctions for about 8 weeks now, and the techniques on your video and subsequent audio CD are 100% accurate. I have watched other dealers and wholesalers preview cars and some of them are using the same techniques. I have gotten to know several dealers and wholesalers, and you are exactly right, these new acquaintances are very helpful in sharing their knowledge of the industry. Some of these folks have actually given me their business card and asked me to give them a call if I had any questions or needed help with a particular issue.

I recently attended Georges Two Days at the Auction training, and would like to say that I recommend it to others who are contemplating getting licensed as a dealer. George is very thorough in training you to inspect cars for damage, and to determine if a car is worth bidding on. I

came away with confidence that I can go to a local auction, understand the process (and the auctioneers), and buy cars successfully.

George is also a wealth of information about setting up your business process, as well as Internet marketing! Hes a pleasant guy to hang out with too. I enjoyed our time at meals, and of course all the information I received about the business is invaluable. The fried jalapenos were

great, and so was the cajun food we had. Id come back to Dallas just for the food! One word of advice, stay at a hotel thats relatively close to the auction as opposed to by the airport or somewhere else. Thanks George!

George, I wanted to write and let you know that study course was completely worth every penny and moremuch more. I must admit, I had my doubts about spending the money and time for the auction training and questioned whether it would be worth it. Well.thank God I went through with it. The training, coaching and personal attention you provided during these 2 days has easily given me a 2 to 3 year jump on the industry learning curve. Heck, by the 2nd day of my training I honestly had enough confidence to start bidding and buying that day!

As if the auction training wasnt enough, you pressed on to educate me regarding some of the other major points of becoming a dealer. Youre truly something that is rarely found in any industry.an expert with the heart of a teacher! Priceless experience. God Bless you brother. J.Shelton

George, I have looked all over the place for books, videos and the like for anyone who in competition with you for the information you offer here. I find noboby that offers the unique package that you do. Barnes and Noble draw a complete blank and other websites usually are only offering a weak rendition of what you offer here. I will be placing an order here this next week. After reading your information more closely it actually answered my original questions I sent you via email. I look forward to doing business with you.

Whats up George! Just wanted to give you my take on the Two Days at the Auction. Man it was great. Your knowledge and training was awesome. An auction is so fast paced, with so many people that you would be crazy to go there without this training. I was able to watch as you pointed out some of the mistake that untrained dealers were making. Those mistakes cost them big dollars. I was also able to see you locate a car of interest, go thru bidding process and win. That was so exciting. Your inspection process is very much needed by anyone who wants to buy and sell cars. After my intial training, I really enjoyed it as I inspected cars and you pointed out all of my mistakes. Your course is GREAT and its worth every penny.

I love these weekly tips, and I read every one of them. You really do know exactly what youre talking about. You probably dont remember me telling you, but Ive made all of these mistakes that you talk about. I remember thinking to myself, Man, how come this isnt working? Now, I drive by Dealer lots, and think to myself Hes not gonna make it. Hes doing it all wrong.

Last time I wrote you, my plan was to save $10,000 over the course of a year, and then start buying after studying (not just reading, but studying) your material in the interim. Well, that plan has changed. I got the dealer packet just so that Id have an idea of what I have to do, and here in Colorado they want you to have (amongst other things) a net worth of $50,000 which I dont have yet. Thats ok though. I was putting a $1,000 a month away, and after finding that out, I knew that I would have to curbstone to help me get there. I was going to get the Black Book, but nobody here uses that. So, I have the NADA, and the Kelley. First, I bought an 94 Taurus for $400 that needed a fuel pump, but everything else was clean. It was under 100,000, no cuts, rust, good tires and all that. I had the fuel pump done for $300 (I dont have a mechanic yet), got it detailed, and sold it for $2,200 in a week. Next I bought a 97 VW Golf with 111,000 miles (I stay under 115000) for $1000. I put new tires on it, got it detailed, had the alignment done, and put a cheap Stereo in it ($1800 altogether), and sold that for $3,700 two weeks after buying it. Ill try to keep doing that through 2006, along with the $1000 a month I put away from my job, and with the help of my retirement account, Ill have a dealer license (wholesaler) by Jan. of 2007.

Im really just saying Thank You for the good work. I would have gotten here anyway it goes, but like you said in the Free Study Course You can either take the 10 + years to learn this all yourself, or pay for the course. I must say its the best $800.00 Ive ever spent. Thank You again, and keep the tips comin. Theyre good too.

I have only had your study materials for less than 2 weeks and wanted to say thank you! What an eye opener. I have been buying cars for 30 years for myself and only wish I knew about you years ago. My first purchase was a 2001 Volvo S60. Owned it for only 9 days and netted $2200.00 thanks to following your lead in how to write the ad. I made my second purchase yesterday and again using what I have learned so far from your materials, bought a really nice Jetta for $2,000- $3, 000 below wholesale. I think this one was a steal!

My long term plan is to make this a full time career. I have been a car guy since before I was old enough to drive. This business is a lot of fun and of course profitable. Your guides have explained all the different facets of the business, from brokering to EBAY to wholesaling and everything in between. The audio CDs are fabulous as I have a 30 mile drive to my office and it nice to have you in the car with me. My goal is to develop the EBay model first then also start following the guidelines on being an auto broker.

Some people may think the cost of your course is expensive. What those people may be overlooking is that this is without a doubt the cheapest investment anyone could be making. I am proof as I have already at least doubled my investment in just over 1 week!!

I sincerely thank you not only for the course materials but also how you make yourself available for consultation.

Hey George, Thanks for taking time with me today. The phone consultation was an enormous help. As a new dealer, it�s extremely helpful getting answers to the 50 or so questions I had � especially in one place.

Your course gave me the confidence to actually do it and start up my own company. I look forward to joining you at the auction next month.

Now, I feel like I have my PhD in auto buying, thanks to George. The course itself is worth its weight in gold, but the auction experience in Dallas is unbelievable! George is totally focused on you and wont let you not learn how to spot all the signs of frame damage, water intrusion and re-painted cars. Hes right by your side until you get it, get it right and get it good.

Ive paid a lot of money over the years for alleged experts and have been disappointed. George is the real deal. He tells and teaches you EVERYTHING. What he knows is yours. Theres no ego that gets in the way of his mentorship. Also, the videotape showing how to inspect a used car is worth the price of the course alone. If I didnt learn or get anything else I would have been happy just having that videotape. It will end up saving me, family and friends thousands of dollars over the years because well be able to spot damage and avoid those cars.

George, Your course has helped me achieved a business I couldnt imagine being so easy starting up. I quite my $42,000 a a year managment job and have pursued the car business on a permamant basis making twice as much for starters. George and his courses are the best!!

Hi George: Purchased your Used Car Profits course. about 1-1/2 years ago and sent you a recent e-mail telling you about our success thus far. We have now purchased our own building. We have exceeded $120,000 in sales over only 4 months and are doing very well considering our short time being licensed. We are on car 69 in our inventory and we have sold about 45 cars in the past 4 months. Your course started us off and we are working the auctions, private sales and trade-ins to generate profit. We are now pre-checking all vehicles we plan on selling certified to our customers since we have made a couple of mistakes in not identifying hidden mechanical issues. At least this way, we can get some insurance prior to pricing our cars. We concentrate on selling cars under $5,000 certified and emission tested and the market is very interested in our offerings compared to other dealers in the area.

Here is a picture of our new place. Our tenants, wh we rent space to, actually pay our mortgage.

Dear George, I read every one of the testimonials on your website before I decided to buy the Used Car Profits Package. It was hard to believe the notebooks, cds and videotape could be as good as all of your customers were saying. Well, they are. I cant wait to get to them every day. The first cd where you interview a dealer in Georgia and the videotape that walks us through how to inspect a used carthose two items alone are worth the cost of the whole package and will save me YEARS of mistakes. If I never sell one car I will personally save myself thousands of dollars or avoid buying a bad car just based on what I learned from the videotape. Ive bought dozens of instructional courses over the years, but yours is by farTHE BEST!

George Deans course materials are the best that I have seen in my 58 years. Many years ago I was involved in new car sales, for only about 2 years, and introduced to a course from Automotive Profit Builders on how to sell cars.

Georges free downloadable 72 page how to guide goes that one better. I have reread the booklet 3 times so far since downloading it on July 6. The book is so full of information that it is now dog-eared from checking and re-checking the facts and information.

He and his course are the real deal and I have just purchased my first unit for resale. The car is a beater that I believe I can make $300 profit on. Then I can turn that into my next step of buying the 1st level of his paid program, and then Katy bar the door.

George, this is the auto dealer training best system, in my humble but deadly accurate, opinion, in the world. How else can you make money and enjoy what you are doing.

I just want to say that I dont know how I would have gotten started without your dealer license training course. I have found that most other dealers will not help you get started. This course is the most informative and easy to understand set of books that I have seen. I would not only tell people they need this course but would say it is an absolute necessity!

George, I purchased your training package two weeks ago. This is by far the best information not only in the automotive field but any field. I have bought several other programs and found them to be filled with useless info, empty pages and useless links.

Right now I am very busy working for a living so I havent as of yet been able to read the books cover to cover. However I listen to the CDs over and over.

To say the least it has not only motivated me but also showed me that I can do anything the mega-dealers do but for now just on a smaller scale.for now!!!

My goal is to learn and do every aspect of the market with my main focus on brokering. I already have some future orders in the works. It seems like everybody I talk to is interested in what I am doing and want me to help them find a car for them.

At age 18 I was manager of a car store and later on sold for a high line new car dealer. I was a regular at all the auctions and got to know all the players I was also fortunate to have known three people that became the largest retailers in the country. One being the largest Chevy dealer in the nation. So.what happened?

I was totally