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Generate more leads with the Salesforce® + The Brokers Academy integration

is a leading CRM solution designed to grow your business and increase your sales volume.

helps small businesses and enterprises to connect with their customers database, by managing all interactions with their customers and leads. By doing so, you can improve their engagement with your brand, and promote your products and services more efficiently.

provides many integrated solutions for many aspects of your business. For example, many CRMs allow you to send emails to your contacts and track their interactions with your brand. However,

also enables you to access to the Marketing Cloud, a tool that you can use to create multichannel marketing campaigns across email, mobile, social and much more.

you can explore data that matter for your business in real-time, in order to get answers instantly and take action.

s Community Cloud lets you create and manage communities, connecting customers, business partners and employees. This makes it easy for everyone to get the information they need, fast. Sales Automation SalesCloud has been called the sales force automation tool because it speeds the entire sales process on auto-pilot and helps you get more leads and close more deals.

is a professional platform designed to help people learn the secrets of trading, made by successful traders who provide courses, master classes and advices.

gives the chance to many people from different countries to become a better trader, by learning not only the tools and the ability to trade, but also the psychology behind a successful trading business.

also focuses on giving you the right financial knowledge you need to know, in order to avoid the most common mistakes traders make when they start.

What you can do with Salesforce® and The Brokers Academy

LeadsBridge is a suite of automation tools for startups and small businesses focused on solving important problems in the lead generation flows.

With LeadsBridge you can connect 350+ CRMs with any source you use to collect leads online.

If you rely on lead generation to run your business, LeadsBridge is your best friend when it comes to store everything into your CRM and generate better leads to close more deals.

Arlington Living promotes real estate services in Arlington city, Virginia (U.S.A.). They use Facebook to collect high-quality leads for selling luxury homes.

This kind of solutions are great for people like me. Good and easy to work with.

We like to sync our HubSpot smart lists to FB ads for retargeting. Excellent product!

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