More than ever, businesses require expertise to address complex employment related affairs such as employee benefits, workers compensation & risk management, payroll, and regulatory compliance. PEOPLE provides brokers a competitive advantage by enabling clients to leverage the expertise of both organizations to deliver the best combination of insurance, workforce management and Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) solutions.  Im proud of our contribution to and support of the growth of the independent insurance brokerage community, says PEOPLE Founder and President, John Hardin.  Hardin continues, With PEOPLE, youre confident knowing you have an industry-leading business partner dedicated to the success of you and your client.

Your clients rely on professional Insurance brokers like you for sound advice and expert counsel to help them protect their business, control their costs and solve todays challenges.  Today more than ever, agents are faced with a business environment that is introducing new competition that threatens your ability to retain clients, and with a power-hungry, regulatory environment that may reduce or eliminate commissions.  Mike Triemer, CFO of PEOPLE adds, Payroll companies and financial institutions are leveraging their relationships, quoting and taking business away from the more traditional brokerage community.  The fact is, without a competitive, relevant solution it will become more difficult to grow your business or retain your clients.  Dont be caught on the outside looking in.

As they say, Danger is real, but fear is a choice.   Successful agents have evolved to view PEOPLE as their ally and have come to trust and rely on our solutions.  Skeptic agents deny the PEOs value proposition and, as a consequence, lose business to direct writing PEOs or other agents whove embraced the significance of the PEOs role in the market.  To deny your competition exists is irresponsible, so too is it to adopt the misconception that traditional markets are all you need and all that your client desires, says Craig Lagos, VP, Channel Development at PEOPLE.  Lagos continues, PEOPLE is not your rival, were your shield against your true enemies- competing agents, payroll service bureaus and direct writing PEOs.  Conversely, PEOPLE is your offensive fire power when pursuing new business opportunities.  Competition is fierce; PEOPLE is your arms dealer.

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PEOPLE is a full service, national innovator of Human Resource & Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solutions. Founded by our industrys pioneers, the PEOPLE leadership team has a combined 65 years of experience forging the evolution of HR Outsourcing.