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The transportation industry needs freight brokers and freight broker sales agents now more than anytime in history. The American Trucking Association forecasts there will be over $1,300,000,000,000 (Thats Over One Trillion Dollars!) worth of freight that will be transported annually throughout North America in 2024. The forecast for the next ten years in booming! The opportunities are endless or Freight Brokers, Freight Broker Sales Agents and Independent Freight Dispatchers.

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Transportation Training Group freight broker training instructors are seasoned sales professionals in the trucking industry, they are some of the most successful freight broker agents in America. The techniques you will learn for freight brokering have been perfected through so they will consistently produce Top Earners. Once you complete either the truck dispatching or freight broker training programs, you are guaranteed to be on your way to a successful new career.

You will soon find out that our students benefit from the professional advice and mentoring after completion of your freight broker training. Our mission is to create a long-lasting relationship with you so you can become one of the greatest leaders in this industry. We serve as a coach, role model, and an adviser to each and every one of our students as they learn how to apply the skills they learned once they completed one of our freight broker training programs.

We are presenting a Step-By-Step resource for establishing a freight brokerage. This is the same study manual that we use in our Freight Broker Training Webinars.

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