UM Tech is the industry leader in designing and building energy management software.

UM Technologies (UM Tech) has created, built and operates the top energy management software for energy brokers, energy suppliers, and their customers.

If your business is not growing, it is dying. The renewal rate in the deregulated energy markets is a concern to every company because if you cannot defend your customers, then you are simply replacing customers and not growing your base. UM Tech business energy solutions are designed to create TOUCH POINTS.

Brand identity in the energy business is very weak and most customers do not even know who serves them because the business turns over so often. Solve that problem by delivering the products and services that allow your customers to manage their business, rather than simply executing on a price.

UM Tech provides an energy management platform for your brand to be delivered in an online energy dashboard, a mobile application, a monthly scorecard, and a coordinated email campaign packed with valuable energy analysis. Over the past ten years, the UM Tech energy management platform has tracked a renewal rate that is twice the industry average. This is not a coincidence.

The markets are changing, and businesses are wondering what customers want in this new marketplace. How does a vendor become more than an interchangeable price that may be replaced in the next bid process? The answer is to create a conversation with your existing and prospective customers that is more than just price. UX research clearly shows that an end users want to reduce energy expenses as their top objective, and an energy price is only one aspect of that equation.

Let the UM Tech energy management platform and services deliver your solution for a 365 strategy.

UM Tech was born from within the Taylor Consulting family and three years later it has grown tremendously in staff, expertise and the ability to produce valuable deliverables. We were initially hesitant to see UM Tech working with competitors, but Taylor can now see that the adoption of these products and services has risen the bar and made the brokerage industry more valuable to customers.

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We are the industry leader in creating and operating cutting-edge energy solutions.

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