We have a plan to cover you at every age and each step of your health journey.

Customize a plan to fit your needs and your employees needs. Just tell us what youre looking for, and well design a plan for you.

Insurance can be complicated but were here to help. Here are some of the topics people ask us about most often.

Weve put all your most important plan details right at your fingertips.

Use tools and resources to help you manage your plan your way.

Find a pharmacy and see which medications your plan covers.

Save money on your care by choosing providers in your network.

Helping you get the care you need is only part of what we do. Were also here to help you stay well every day.

Small decisions can pay off big. Learn what you can do every day to stay healthy.

Your benefits include extras that help you manage your long-term health conditions.

Looking for ideas on ways to stay well and save money? We can help with that.

Tennessee is our home, and were committed to improving the health of our members.

Get a closer look at the many ways were giving back.

Learn about our culture and see how working for us can help you build a fulfilling career that matters.

Get our updates, press releases, expert insights and more, all in one place.

At BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, offering your clients an easy-to-use health and wellness program is our goal. BlueHealth Solutions provides affordable and innovative solutions. Weve developed an integrated program for your clients, customized to your clients needs.

Our ultimate goal is to help your clients live happier, healthier lives. Together, we can put in place effective initiatives that will engage your clients and empower them to make meaningful changes in their lives.

member discount program, you can save on a wide variety of health products like nutrition programs, gym memberships and fitness accessories.

The myBlue TN app brings your health information to you through your iPhone or Android-powered smart phone. Our app provides your clients easy access to finding a doctor, urgent care facility or pharmacy, as well as help accessing their ID card, and special in-app reminders.

When you create a culture of health, you not only boost engagement, you can also improve organizational performance.

Use our decades of health expertise to ensure your clients success in starting a new wellness program or enhancing an existing one.

Set goals and track your progress by syncing your favorite fitness tracker to our wellness portal or AlwaysOnTMmobile app. We support more than 80 popular fitness devices and apps.

We are focused on getting the right care to members at the right time. The result is lower health care costs and a healthier population. Our offerings for companies include:

Customized employee incentives to support program objectives

Online resources and tools designed to fuel greater engagement

Individualized level of support across a continuum of care

Personalized consulting can help your company build or grow a culture of wellness

When members have easy access to health information, tools, and resources, you make it easier for them to reach their health goals. We can provide your clients everything they need to take charge of their health, including self-directed coaching, health trackers, food and exercise diary and more.

We dont believe your clients program should be standard and neither should their marketing materials. Your customers have the freedom to order or customize their own marketing communications, which are tailored to your needs.

A healthy lifestyle is its own reward, but why not give your clients a little extra incentive to take the actions that can make a difference in their health and well-being? Our rewards program motivates members. We can customize a plan for every client.

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