And it costs a LOT more to become a dentist than it does to become a successful equipment broker.

You may have tried starting a business in the past or perhaps its something you have wanted to, but something has held you back.

If building someone elses dreams at the expense of your dreamshas been frustrating you but youhavent found an opportunity that has spoke to you, your search is over.

Having three out of four of these Key Criteria is a recipe for strife andstruggle. But having all four puts your business and your personality inalignment with each other and the greater the alignment the greater the blessing.

The used heavy equipment market is a $300 Billion a year industry.

The average profit per sale for equipment brokers is $3,000 -$5,000

Ethical equipment brokers develop long lasting relationships with their clients

If you enjoy working around equipment in a blue jeans environment, where every day is different and never having to sacrifice your integrity to make a sale, then brokering and auctioning heavy equipment may be a natural fit for you

Through the EquipmentBroker Academy, you will get access to all the training needed to launch as a successful equipment broker in this highly lucrative $300 Billion industry.

The benefits are unlimited. Youll have the ability to finally be independent and be the decision maker. Create your schedule and generate an amazing income. The money you earn will be a direct result of how hard you work, and you alone will determine the amount of income you receive.

Training: Created from years of trial and error. We coverthe most efficient, proven strategies for being a successfulequipment broker. The training isnt theory, it was developed by DOING!

Mentorship and Coaching: Proper execution is more than education. Our seasoned training and coaching will ensure youre taking the right steps, at the right time, in the right way.

Tools: Weensure you have the toolsyou need to grow, including forms, agreements, equipment values, templates, checklists, sales training, advertising sources, consignment/lead generation, 2 step referral program, software recommendations and much much more.

If you would like to be part of the Equipment Broker Academy,toschedule a call with you.We look for the right fit, the right heart and motivation,notjust individuals willing to pay a fee to learn our systems.

Our Step-by-Step systemis compiled and streamlined from selling over $100 million in used heavy equipment.

Our training manuals, training videos, group training calls and 1 on 1 coaching calls all work together to put you on a path to hit your targets.

Our training isnt designed to just be consumed its designed to be applied.

My biggest fear was would I get the support promised and would the course deliver. Amazing! Thats all I can say. They delivered above and beyond what I ever expected. This isnt just a course, I feel as if I graduated from an Academy with a Degree in Brokering Heavy Equipment. Andres M.

The Course has exactly everything needed to effectively start a business in Brokering Equipment with no time wasted trying to figure it out on my own. James P.

Charles is an amazing leader in the equipment sales field. He has a way of designing training courses that can be comprehended by anyone that is just getting started in the sales industry. His commitment to work, the product he delivers, and professionalism in his field are unmistakable by the hours he dedicates to his projects!Daniel V.

Charles is a tremendous leader who leads by example but I think his integrity is his greatest trait. I enjoyed working with him as he set the standard with excellent teaching skills, always willing to help and always willing to serve.Jack W.

EBA are passionate and never settle for less than the best. They have an excellent understanding of what it takes to motivate people, execute plans and produce results.Nathan R.

Charles was very instrumental in my training. He is very thorough in his ability to trainon any platform whether the environment is 1on1, Group or Webinar based.Londie P.