The Skys the Limit with Freight Broker Training

When you are ready to better your life and increase your income, we would be honored to help you get there. Our philosophy at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is: You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.

At Brooke Transportation Training Solutions (BTTS), we prepare our graduates to succeed in the freight brokerage industry, as well as in life. Our goal is to revolutionize the transportation industry one student at a time. This is a tough business, but well arm you with intense training, the motivation for success, and invaluable freight broker and transportation industry contacts.

Freight Broker Training classes are offered in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex andother locationsnationwide. Financial aid is available for all who qualify, including veterans.

Our freight broker trainers are much more than teachers who have memorized a lesson plan; theyre seasoned professionals in the freight broker, trucking, logistics and transportation industries. Theyll pass their knowledge and experience on to you, so youll speed miles ahead of your competition. The vast majority of start-up businesses fail within five years. Well give you the opportunity to learn from industry experts who will put the keys to success in your hands!

Freight Brokerage is a career with huge earnings potential, yet its not a simple business to understand. At BTTS, youll learn how to maximize your efficiency with the latest technology in load booking, quoting, tracking and delivery notification.

Along with valuable industry knowledge, youll receive strategies for success including, techniques to improve your sales ability, marketing methods, goal development, personal growth, and the power of positive thinking. Not only will we teach you how to become a successful freight broker, well also help you develop a plan to live a more balanced life; focusing on career, family, and personal growth.

Whether youre already in the industry or beginning a blazing a new career path, freight brokerage is a great choice. Transportation is critical to economic and social survival, so there will always be a need to transport products no matter the state of the economy. At BTTS, well teach you how to broker all kinds of freight with a step-by-step process to follow each and every time you move a load. Our freight broker training methods include lecture, video, and hands-on interactive training, followed by a comprehensive final exam prior to graduation.

We believe the only way to truly succeed is through honesty, integrity, and customer-focused service. It is only through these values that can one expect to be successful. We teach our students how to develop customers for life while making a positive impact on this $600 billion per year industry.

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