Because everything you eat, drink, wear and use comes on a truck.

This is a fast pace and fun industry that will never stop.

Entrepreneur Magazine rated this to be one of the top industry to be involved with.

So what are you waiting for? Let us share 40 years of business experience with you.

This is a business where you can work from home – or – from your office.

We are located in downtown Winder, GA. just northeast of Atlanta. 1-Hour from Hartsfield Airport.

All you need to do isset aside 2-day to learn how this industry works.

Comes with follow-up testing and assignments – to make sure you understood everything.

This class includes: Webinars follow-up support.

In this class you will learn what it takes to be a Freight Broker, and to understand whatresponsibilitiesyou have as a broker – or – to be an Agent for a brokerage firm, and to understand what the Freight Brokers are looking for in an Agent.

Other Services: Freight Broker Authority Filing – BOC-3/Process Agent – UCR Registration Filings – Factoring – Web Designer.

There is a $350 Deposit Required at time of booking your dates!

Bring someone with you – only $645 per individual

You will receive a Certificate of Completion once the course is completed.

Once you have completed this class, you will know whether you wish to become a Freight Broker and own your own business firm or become an Agent and work from home for a freight brokerage company. You will walk away with so much valuable information from our course. Dont believe us… just read reviews on our Blog to see what our former students have to say about our Freight Broker Agent School.

We also offer:Follow-Up webinar with the instructor twice a month. So… if you still have questions afterwards!

You will learn how to broker a load from start to finish. How to fill out the paperwork, along with understanding the procedures of booking a load. How to input the load information correctly into the load boards. Your instructor will go over how to locate Shippers who have freight to move, and how to locate the drivers to haul the freight on their trucks. This is where your profit comes in.

How much you earn depends whether you choose to become a Freight Broker or an Agent in this industry. Depends on how much gumption and initiative that you put forth. Most of all… you cant be scared to talk to people!

Freight Broker Earnings Example:Lets say aShipper is willing to pay you $5,000 for a load – and you then located a Carrier/Driver to haul the load for you for $4,500. Your profit is: $500. This is all yours to keep!

Agent Load Example:Lets say aShipper is willing to pay you $5,000 for a load – and you locatea Carrier/Driver to haul the load for you for $4,500. The Profit is: $500. As an Agent you have to split this profit with the Freight Broker. Due to the fact you are using their license, bond, etc. Usually Agents receive 50-60% of the $500 Profit.

Click Here – To learn whats the difference between a freight broker and abroker agent?

Darius States: GREAT CLASS. A lot of good information.

Meta States: I truly enjoyed the class. Marias teaching was very informative and motivational in introducing all the tools I need in becoming an agent. My level of confidence is at a high peak in knowing. Ive tapped into my passion to do well and succeed in the Trucking Transportation Industry.

Thank you so much Maria your humor, friendliness, love and compassion for your students has helped shape us to become professional entrepreneurs and to be fearless at it!

Heather States: It is informative and she shows several different ways to make money.

Johnetta States: I learned a lot of knowledge on freight and really enjoyed the class. I will definitely recommend this course to others. Fun class easy learning.

Khandice States: I definitely enjoyed the class. It is very interesting and helped me understand the process very well. All the information given will be used accordingly and very grateful for the opportunity.

Instructor Maria States: I had a GREAT TIME teaching all of you. Making new friends and new business! Much came out of this class and the future is strong with this group!

Cynthia States: So much information. She is so smart and just good people.

Lyndasha States: I thoroughly enjoyed the structure of this class. The intimate setting made it easy to ask questions and network with others in this industry. I can definitely take what Ive learned and apply it to my business.

Tanesha States: I thoroughly enjoyed that class! I feel like I was given all the information needed to start my business plus so much more. There was a lot of information, but I only feel overloaded with the endless possibilities. I would recommend this class to anyone!

Kimloeur States: Its a wonderful class. Thats all I want to learn how to start with trucking industry as a Freight Broker.

Sharlena States: Such a good environment and learning experience!

Bunkaing States: Fun Class. Nice Teacher and Friendly.

Calvin States: I thought the class was really informative and thorough. Maria (the instructor) is definitely a god-send. We need more like her.