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Want updates from financial markets at all times using any browser? Then MT4 web trader is for you! Just an internet connection and youre all set. It allows traders to access their accounts and trade in a few clicks. The MT4 web trader is completely safe to use and all the data is encrypted.

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Meta Trade 4 is the worlds most popular trading platform. With a highly customisable interface, and a host of built-in indicators and charting tools.

How about giving your clients mobile access to financial markets on the move?

The mobile version includes popular analytical tools, full sets of trading orders and interactive quotation charts.

Traders worldwide having an extensive variety of necessities pick MetaTrader 4 to trade in the market. This platform offers sufficient opportunities to dealers and traders of all levels

An innovative successor multi-asset trading platform, MetaTrader 5 is currently the worlds most powerful and user-friendly trading platform. With one-click trading, enabled and optimized strategy testing, superior charting facilities alongside speed, security, and reliability you could never go wrong

Being compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and can also be accessed from a smartphone or tablet, whether it has an iOS or Android operating system.

To name a few: it supports VPS, Level II pricing, Supports algorithmic trading, allows unlimited* accounts and supports cryptocurrency trading

Our high-end CRM systems help brokers to get more leads and keep track of them by helping them in closing deals faster and smoother.

A marketing enthusiast by day and a copywriter by night.read more

A product savant with over 7 years of experience inread more

Zaid is an entrepreneurial soul with a keen eye for the worldread more

Our Head of Product Development. If he is asked thatread more

When life gave him lemons, he opened lemonaderead more

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When life gave him lemons, he opened lemonade stands all over town. Our very own problem child with the wisdom of Yoda and approach of The Godfather hence he constantly trains us and make us offers we cant refuse (Its a pain. Really)

23 Years in the industry, he has trained fresh blood for sales with such tough love that made grown men cry just through words yet motivated them to a level that makes Anthony Robbins blush. He took organizations to the promised lands on his strong back. We have seen him work through obstacles creatively and tackling unique challenges by digging his own heels in and devised solutions

His side hustle involves cracking dad jokes and working as a stunt double for The Hulk.

Our Head of Product Development. If he is asked that what is the hardest part of his job, he is probably going to say that explaining to his parents regarding what he does. Apart from that, he is as skillful as a Swiss Army Knife. He is the reason behind our products being unbeatable in the Fintech World. Spanning over 10 years of experience and gaining in-depth knowledge of industrys best practices while possessing strong business and commercial acumen and expertise in transforming analytical results into actionable and business relevant recommendations, he has been the perfect asset to our team. He is our Innovative problem-solver, a detail-oriented and analytical organizer with the ability to identify problems, research solutions, make effective decisions and enforce policies and our occasional life counselor (Yes, the whole works!)

We really dont know what we would have done without him.

Zaid is an entrepreneurial soul with a keen eye for the world of business, coupled with years of experience trading with well-reputed brokers. Hes always on the look out for opportunities to reach organisational goals for each stakeholder, efficiently and effectively.

At BroSol, we refer to Zaid as EagleEye. Hell find gaps in the industry and comes up with ways of filling it. Research and development is his forte!

A product savant with over 7 years of experience in Product development. An active product researcher, evaluator and implementer of the same with a great eye for detail to attain corporate objectives and exceeding customer expectations in a highly competitive industry. We avoid shaking hands with him on a cold day

A marketing enthusiast by day and a copywriter by night. Responsible for building marketing infrastructures for various institutions in financial services and content production companies. We think of him as a Marketing Superhero.. Well not really.. He forced us to write this.. *blinking twice*