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buffer,conciliator,go-between,honest broker,interceder,intercessor,intermediary,intermediate,interposer,mediator,middleman,peacemaker

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, identifying commercial deals, integrating the payloads into the Orion spacecraft, for a fee.

, The Orion spacecraft may carry more than NASA missions to the Moon, 4 Oct. 2018

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, Padres leadership wise to build ties with MLBs in crowd, 15 June 2018

For the second acts forward leap to delivery day (signified by Thomas Buderwitzs stunning set transformation from cluttered trailer to maternity ward recovery room), Anderson has rewritten the fifth character of a baby-

, Jane Anderson gives her Baby Dance some smart new steps, 11 May 2018

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, including the likes of former presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush.

, Workers at San Franciscos exclusive Bohemian Club launch 2-day strike, 26 Apr. 2018

Granger, a Fort Worth, Texas, Republican, would instantly become a major power-

in a Republican caucus that currently has had only three women chairs in this Congress.

, Granger vies to be first woman to chair powerful House committee Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 29 Jan. 2018

The Palestinians have rejected the U.S. as peace

following Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital and his moving the embassy there.

, Palestinian president lashes out at US over Gaza situation, 15 Aug. 2018

Anderson Commercial Groups website, the property, at W147 S6800 Durham Place, is listed for $995,000.

, After nearly 100 years, students, staff say goodbye to Tess Corners Elementary in Muskego, 4 June 2018

, In Whose Interest Is SEC Best Interest Broker Rule?, 27 Apr. 2018

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14th century, in the meaning defined atsense 1

Middle English, negotiator, from Anglo-Frenchbrocour

Abrokeris a person or a company that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. Brokers exist not just in thefinancial markets, but in the, the commodities market, the art market — even the boat market.

Brokers are often paid acommission, which is a percentage of the customers purchase orsaleprice, though some receive a flat fee per transaction or a mix of the two.

There are many types of brokers in the financial world. For example, a commodities broker specializes in trading commodities, a floor broker handles orders on the floor of astockor commodities exchange and a full-service broker offers brokerage services and sells other financial products such as insurance,tax planningor research conducted by other members of the brokerage firm. A discount broker essentially executes trades on behalf of customers and does little else. Brokers are not the same as researchanalysts, who analyze and make recommendations about certainstocks.

In the financial world, brokers must haveSeries 7andSeries 63licenses; other licenses are often required for specific types of brokers. For example, some brokers must also obtain a Series 3 license if they want to trade certain financial products such asfuturesand commodities. To obtain a Series 7 license, the applicant must pass the Series 7 exam (also called the Qualification Examination for General Securities Representative), which primarily covers the seven critical functions performed by registered representatives: seek business for the broker/dealer, evaluate customer needs and objectives, advise clients, manage customer accounts and account records, explain the securities markets and thefactorsthat affect them, execute orders for clients and monitor client portfolios. The National Association of Securities Dealers administers the test.

Brokers are some of the most important people in any marketĀ because they bring buyers and sellers together and thus createliquidityand efficiency in the market.

However, investors should remember that broker commissions eat into returns, so investors should shop for a broker that provides an appropriate level of service. For instance, the extra cost of a full-service broker may be worth it for people who dont have the knowledge or inclination to stay on top of complicatedinvestingor financial planning. Likewise, new investors or those with complex portfolios might find more comfort in full-service brokers. Investors who hold theirinvestmentsfor a long time are usually less bothered by higher trading commissions because they dont trade that often.

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an agent who negotiates contracts of sale (as of real estate or securities) or other agreements (as insurance contracts or mortgages) between the parties for a fee or commission

Note:An insurance broker differs from an insurance agent in that a broker is usually considered an agent of the insured, even though he or she may receive a commission from an insurance company. A broker may sell the products of a number of insurers, and an insurer has no liability for a brokers wrongful actions. A securities broker often acts also as a dealer and so is often referred to as a broker-dealer.

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