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If you are a Broker/Manager, you will dramatically increase TOTAL performance of your organization, and dramatically GROW your company net income with our one-on-one coaching program.Weve made available to you a FREE Business Review & Evaluation Coaching Callwith one of our Professional Coaches. These are the same coaches that have helped our clients achieve an average $100,000 increase in income, and theyre here to help you as well!

Along with your free coaching call, youll also getinstantaccess (after you fill out the form below) to our free REALTOR®PROfile™, which will help you identify your core strengths & weaknesses and help you address those areas in your Real Estate Career. Its an extremely useful tool and the first step toward achieving atrulysuccessful business with personal life balance.

Broker / Manager Self-study Training Programs:

All 3 e-Books, All 8 Streaming Audios, Objection Handling Series, The Five Steps to Having Your Best Year Ever Series, Survivor Sales Skills Series, Lead Mastery Series, How to Create and Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation Series, How to Become a Champion Objection Handler Series, Convert and Commit the Buyer Everytime! Series, Creating Market Dominance Series, How to Protect Your Commission Series, Your First Year in Real Estate Book, Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies® Book, Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance Book, and The Champion Real Estate Agent book.

The Real Estate Success Library includes: The Champion Real Estate Agent, Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies, and Your 1st Year in Real Estate books. Also includes Double Your Income Double Your Time Off! Audio CD as a free bonus!

The affordable accountability coaching solution for new Agents who are committed to jump-start their careers and become consistent producers in six months or less master scripts and dialogues, learn to prospect effectively, become a champion lister, turn appointments into sales, and build a dynamic referral business.

Personal Business Plan • Action Plans • Spaced Learning • Accountability

The one-on-one coaching solution for Broker Owners and Managers that are totally committed to building, running and maintaining a highly profitable sales organization increase market share, company dollar and net profits. Increase productivity of entire sales staff from the bottom up. Recruit and hire right. Retain profitable and productive sales professionals and rising stars.

Business Plans • Action Plans • Team Building • Recruiting, Training & Coaching • Accountability

This program is designed for Agents who desire to achieve a level of production only available to lead agents with an Ideal Real Estate Team. The curriculum has been built around industry proven systems, tactics & techniques that have worked to build thousands of teams that have achieved top tier (top 1%) status in their markets. Youll benefit from years of blood sweat & tears that have gone into building & perfecting a complete library of training programs for all positions on the Ideal Real Estate Team.

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Established in 1998, Real Estate Champions, Inc. set a bold goal for the company to focus on creating Champion Performers through Real Estate Training and Coaching. Our goal isnt to Coach Agents to become proficient enough to earn an income in real estate sales. It isnt even to coach Agents to become top producers. Our goal is to create Champion Producers that enjoy a balanced life; achieving excellence while enjoying the fruits of their labor as well.

Our companys mission is To teach and inspire people (Real Estate Agents) to use their God given talents to achieve excellence in life; to help you rise to the Champion Level in your Real Estate Business and life.

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